This is where we’ll be posting anything and everything that we find super dope. Topics will range from album reviews and artist profiles to cool videos and festival reviews we conduct. Basically anything that we find awesome and want to share with the world. 

Paul Kalkbrenner- ‘7’

Welcome to Paul Kalkbrenner’s ‘7’. Featuring 12 tracks, the German producer showcases his unique and influential brand of minimal techno, while still focusing on the rhythmic, melodic elements often found in deep house. Released just a few days ago, we present a song-by-song analysis of Paul Kalkbrenner’s wonderful, mysterious ‘7’. Battery…

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Paul Kalkbrenner presents… FLORIAN

Over the past few weeks, legendary German techno producer Paul Kalkbrenner has released three different singles, each accompanied by a video. Together, these three tracks/ three videos make up the music video trilogy titled FLORIAN. The series follows a fictional character named Florian, a young foreigner who compulsively shares the music he…

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