Sven Vath & Richie Hawtin 2002 Ibiza Essential Mix

Stumbling through the archives of BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mixes I found a gem! Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin together on the same essential mix! This mix was recorded back in December of 2002 and was made to reflect the time the two had at Cocoon, Ibiza the past summer. Papa Sven tributes his mix to the peak time mood of an Ibiza club. Richie then takes over and dedicates his mix to the after-party mood in Ibiza. Both mixes are incredible and are unlike anything I have heard to date. Sven delivers huge peak time vibes that slingshot audiences through hyperspace. Richie then slows it down with a great Plastikman type set that make’s me feel real wavy man! Check it out below!

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