atish – 055 – september 2015 – intuition

The amazingly talented, San Francisco-based Atish has just released a new mix, and it is pure magic. Atish is truly a special artist, one who puts endless hours into every thing he releases, recognizing his music as the artform that it is. This mix is no different, and further solidifies why Atish is one of the hottest rising DJs in the game. Atish wrote a long message to accompany this mix, and was also kind enough to provide a tracklist. Both are provided below, check em out.


“A new mix…

Intuition: the ability to know directly and instantaneously without rational or conscious thought. Intuition is different than instinct, which is something animalistic. Intuition is higher level, often linked with spirituality, sometimes described as a sixth sense or a taste of enlightenment.

Intuition is also important artistically. Art is a creative form of communication, which requires outward thinking and analysis. But art is also a creative form of self-expression, which requires the creator to look within through self-awareness.

I fall somewhere in the middle of the artistic spectrum, likely leaning more on analytical side, but I’m always changing and my thought (or lack of thought) process depends on the context. In the case of this mix, which took measurably longer to complete, I hit a frustrating internal roadblock. To *try* overcome this roadblock, I did a lot of thinking, analysis, visualization of how people would perceive it, and the output was quite awful. I backtracked a bit, and tried another approach: to finish the mix without thinking, relying on intuition rather than analysis.

This approach also changes my perspective on how I measure the output. Rather than concerning myself whether or not people will think this is great, I am content with the thought that I am releasing something that is simply an expression of self.”

[0:00] Aparde – Prologue feat. Anne (Powel Remix) [Keller, 2015]
[4:30] Eagles & Butterflies – Lost in a Dream (Slow Hearts Remix) [Spread Your Wings, 2015]
[8:20] moosefly – The Space Between [ Connaisseur Recordings, 2015]
[13:20] MUUI – Sodde [SUDBEAT, 2015]
[17:15] Brian Cid – Double Vision [Extinct Records, 2015]
[23:25] Matteo Spedicati – Smoking Mirror (Alexi Delano ‘No Fear’ Remix) [AMAM, 2015]
[28:00] Mark Slee – Nocturne Belle [unreleased]
[32:56] Donato Dozzy – Cassandra [Claque Musique , 2015]
[38:00] Malbetrieb – Nim [Something Happening Somewhere, 2015]
[43:00] The Rival Consoles – Recovery (Mind Against Edit) [?]
[47:00] Oh, Yoko – Seashore (Sprinkles’ Ambient Ballroom) [2013]

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