Sven Vath at Space Ibiza NY 1 Year Anniversary

September has arrived, and with it, unfortunately, comes the end of summer. While we may fight against it, the undeniable truth is that fall is here, summer festival season is over, and the one-of-a-kind island Ibiza is slowly, and we mean slowly, starting to settle down for it’s off season nap. But, lucky for us, it means legendary techno DJ/producer Sven Väth is free to continue his world domination. His latest target? New York City, and the incredible Space Ibiza NY nightclub. Next Friday, September 11th, Sven will descend upon New York like the techno animal that he is, bringing hours of hard hitting, hypnotic techno to Space Ibiza NY and an eager Big Apple crowd.


Everyone knows that a Sven Väth set is something special, and we expect this evening to be no different. It is the one year anniversary of the opening of Space Ibiza NY, and who better than Sven to lead the party.

Tickets are still available here- We highly recommended picking some up before they sell out! See everyone on the dance floor!

Screen-Shot-2014-09-09-at-11.23.02-AMLet’s go to space…

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