The Love Movement Touches Down in Brooklyn: Desert Hearts present City Hearts at Good Room 8/28

The love movement that is sweeping the nation touched down in Brooklyn this past Friday night, and it was a party for the books. The venue? Williamsburg’s own Good Room, where the beats were bumping and the crowd was loving it. The bad room, an adjoining room sometimes used as a second stage, was filled with artists, some exhibiting some their work, others creating right there in the moment, all for the enjoyment and bewilderment of those in attendance.


The music was provided by the five founders of Desert Hearts: Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and Deep Jesus. This meant only one thing: deep, melodic, luscious sounds, straight from the Mojave Desert to the crisp Good Room sound system. It was truthfully hard to tell who was DJing at any given time, but I know I witnessed Mikey Lion crushing the decks, followed by Lee Reynolds, who took it deeper and darker for a while. This was an important shift of the night’s energy, and necessary to keep a proper evening in flow. I then saw Deep Jesus on stage, and Mikey Lion again, together bringing that energy back up.


My friends and I were at the venue for around 4 hours, and during this time I was lucky enough to exchange words with both Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds. Not only are they 2 of the nicest DJs I have ever exchanged words with, but it is clear that they are both simply unbelievable human beings as well. Mikey took the time to talk to both me and my girlfriend, as well as thanking us for coming and even dancing with us in the back of the club for a minute. I ran into Lee outside, and when I went up to thank him for an awesome set, he immediately hugged me as if I was an old friend. This is the essence of what makes Desert Hearts so special. These guy live the message that they preach, and it is wholly evident in everything they touch, whether it be a City Hearts Brooklyn show or their annual Spring festival out in California.


Throughout the evening I continually found myself thinking that this is only the beginning of something huge. With all of the motivation in the world, and the never-ending support of their diehard fans, it really feels as though the Desert Hearts love movement can do anything and everything. As they say, the sky is the limit. I feel lucky to be on board for these intimate parties, and I am excited to see how high this rocket can fly.

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