6 Can’t Miss Artists at North Coast Music Festival 2015

By: Nicole Swanberg:

Summer’s last stand is upon us and festival season is wrapping up. North Coast Music Festival right around the corner! Located in Union Park, this Chicago festival promises to shake up the city with a great mixture of hip hop, jam, indie rock, and dance music. With so many talented artists at North Coast this year, it may be difficult to pick who you want to see! Here are our top picks (in no particular order)!


Porter Robinson. Check out this young blood at North Coast! He plans, produces, and plays his own music- more than a lot of artists can say! His music spans a variety of EDM genres, so you’ll hear a lot of musical diversity!porter-robinson-youredm

Porn n’ Chicken. I saw them at Spring Awakening in June and they totally threw down. North Coast should be no different! High energy and hard-pulsing beats are sure to ensue!


Moon Boots. Moon Boots specializes in summery-sounding house music and nu-disco mixed with club and pop music that has an R&B feel. You can expect to hear something you like from this Chicago-based producer!moonboots

Booka Shade. Don’t miss the German experimental dance duo, Booka Shade, at North Coast! They won’t be touring the U.S. for long. Their music is infectious, so if you like to dance, check them out!

The Chemical Brothers. A legend you won’t want to miss! Their recent release Echoes pushed the duo back into the height of the scene. Hopefully they’re here to stay!

Manic Focus. Hailing from Minnesota, Manic Focus fuses blues and heavy-hitting bass to create an entirely unique sound that is unwed to any one genre of electronic dance music. If you’re into electro-soul and hypnotic sounds, be sure to see Manic Focus live this weekend!

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