Why You Should Attend The BPM Festival in Mexico

Known around the world as one of the absolute best house and techno parties, the 10 day, Mexico-based BPM Festival is nothing but a showcase of over 180 of the worlds finest deep, tech, and techno DJs. Read below at what other members of the community have to say about this magical event.
“The festival has managed to get bigger while still maintaining the special intimacy that it’s known for and in recent years has perfectly blended the swagger of the larger shows with the bedrock of underground support that has always defined the festival.”— Mixmag


BPM is officially a dominant node in the worldwide festival circuit.” — THUMP


”What makes The BPM Festival special? Imagine taking the magic of a summer in Ibiza and cramming it into ten straight days of house and techno in Mexico and you start to get an idea. Set in beautiful Playa del Carmen along the Caribbean sea, the festival is a little slice of paradise for underground dance music enthusiasts.”— Dancing Astronaut


“It’s important to be here because the rest of the world is here — well, at least the connoisseurs of good music are here. It’s insane, everyone is basically here playing, it’s very important to be represented and to show the world what the good music is about.”—Joris Voorn


“What I see, is that it’s just not a regular festival. You can come here to either party or just vacation, or do both. You’ve got a lot of options. You’re in the sun and you’re in the heat. Again, we play many festivals around the world but you get everything at this one festival. BPM has done a really job of including almost everybody. It’s almost bad if you’re not playing BPM.”—Art Department
“If you’ve never been before and you like this style of music, this is definitely the place to come.”— Mark Knight


“This is going to be the Miami of the future. And BPM is now part of this, part of the culture of Playa Del Carmen. It’s incredible, and very special.”— Joseph Capriati


“The whole theme of BPM is the champion of the underground, that’s what people cherish. It was never about big theatrical events, pyrotechnics, stuff like that. It’s focused more about the music, and the social circle. I always get asked the question ‘Is Vegas the new Ibiza?’, well really no, Playa Del Carmen is almost Ibiza to an American audience.”Pete Tong

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