Claude Von Stroke’s Remix of The Chemical Brother’s ‘Go” Changes the Game

If the excitement for The Chemical Brother’s new album ‘Born In The Echoes’ wasn’t radiating hard enough, Claude Von Stroke has just taken to it to a whole new level with his remix for their second track of the album, ‘Go’.  Barclay, the titan of bass music and boss of DirtyBird Records, takes our favorite elements of his music and fuses them so perfectly with The Chemical Brother’s sound, creating a track that is ahead of it’s time.  You’ll notice instantly the amazing sound design.  His fat, morphing beats, transcend any traditional groove and lead into a sonic journey, which at it’s climax, blasts you in the face with futuristic layered pulses!  It reminds me of a new generations sound, almost a new age Skrillex.  It’s an amazing track that solidifies Claude as one of the best producers in the business who truly knows what’s cool!  Check it out below and support the artists by buying their music and attending their shows!




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