Paul Kalkbrenner presents… FLORIAN

Over the past few weeks, legendary German techno producer Paul Kalkbrenner has released three different singles, each accompanied by a video. Together, these three tracks/ three videos make up the music video trilogy titled FLORIAN. The series follows a fictional character named Florian, a young foreigner who compulsively shares the music he loves. These three tracks are all amazing. ‘Cloud Rider’, the first, is an uplifting vocal track that swells with emotion. The second track, ‘Mothertrucker’, is far heavier, with a glitchy lead sound and dark hats to set the mood. The third track, ‘Feed Your Head’, utilizes the very famous vocals from the Jefferson Airplane track ‘White Rabbit’. ‘Feed Your Head’ is a classic Paul Kalkbrenner track, and is a perfect end to the trilogy.

Now, we have established the music is great. Each song is unique and showcases Paul’s musical ability, as well as his extreme talent. He is the minimal master, bringing his own special take to the genre and knocking it out of the park. But what makes me love these tracks eve more is the captivating story that Paul has built around it. We follow protagonist Florian through highs and lows. His ultimate mission is to share the music that he loves so dearly with those around him. The three music videos combine for almost 19 minutes, and they are truly an emotional roller coaster. All videos are great, the tracks are top notch, and Paul Kalkbrenner is clearly at the top of his game. If you like good music and good film, set aside some time to watch FLORIAN by Paul Kalkbrenner.

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