Ooooo Shake That Ass! N808 Exclusive Guest Mix!

Booty Shakers fam, I believe we have one of our best mixes yet. The Sacramento native, and Santa Cruz reppin homie, N808, gave us an hour mix of pure booty shaking tunes! If this won’t make you twerk and fall in to a deep euphoric tech house trance at the same time, we don’t really know what will!

To go along with the mix, the local legend was kind enough to do an exclusive interview with us, telling us all about the true definition of “booty.”

Peep the mix and interview below!


Helloooooo to our M808, N808! You’re starting become a real tastemaker in the California house scene; want to tell us a bit about how you got started!


This whole crazy thing started my sophomore year of college. I lived in a house in Santa Cruz with six of the coolest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. We would throw some absolutely wild parties and two of these girls would always play some very choice house music. I figured out pretty quickly that the fun level grew exponentially as people started dancing. The general tempo made more sense to me than the bass music I was into at the time. One of the girls rolled a king sized spliff and showed me how to use her numark controller with traktor. I didn’t start actually spinning at parties until a few months later.


My friend Jake threw a party at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz and had Ghostea headline. I didn’t know him but I interviewed him for a website Jake ran and Ghostea suggested I check out Quincinerate’s productions. Quincinerate and I jammed a while later and he really showed me the ropes of production.


Amazing! How has that played into influence into your sound?


Well living at that house sophomore year and hearing Crave You and Tarantula 100,000 times a day really made me appreciate a good tom. You don’t need many sounds to dance. You don’t need to be in the VIP to have fun.


Very true. Your sound definitely fitting into the rising bass scene, what would you say makes you unique?


I think house music is a bit like screenwriting. You have a set formula: one page equals one minute of screen time, always in Courier New font. You can write whatever the fuck you want though, you can write a screenplay about writing a screenplay. You can always follow a formula and you’ll have a cool movie that hits all the right points or you can write Adaptation. I don’t think this makes me particularly unique, especially being close to such a flourishing underground scene in the bay area, but I like to get silly from time to time. You’ll hear a track in this mix that I made with Quincinerate that’s about “the whole damn bag” which I think is pretty telling of the style I’m aiming for. It’s about a bag of Fritos.


Do you have any goals to move with that for the future?


You know, I used to think I wanted to be famous. Lately I’ve found that it’s much more satisfying to have the respect of peers. I won’t name names but hearing someone who’s consistently blown my mind straight out of my ass say, “This sounds kinda tight,” is a thousand times more rewarding than anything else I can imagine. Goals, though? I’d like to play music in different places for different people.


Any thing you want to tell us about this mix?


Check out my mixtape fam.


We have big hopes for you man! It’s truly been a pleasure to have you come through for this session; we know the ladies will love it!


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