Mamby On The Beach 2015- Why I’ll Be Back!

Mamby On The Beach took place this past weekend, in sunny/rainy Chicago, Illinois. Mamby featured 3 stages, all on a beach, showcasing an array of electronic music genres, with the most prominent being tech-house, electro-funk, and deep-house. Immediately upon entering the festival grounds, you were met with different large and colorful art installations. I can’t stress how large of an impact something as small as a multi-colored canopy can have on an event, especially a small event such as Mamby. As you walked through this area, it was unmistakable that you were entering a place separate from the real world.

IMG_6934Now entering… Mamby territoy!

The three stages themselves each had their own unique strong points. I spent most of my time at the aptly labeled ‘The Tent’ stage, underneath a very large white tent. This stage was home to all the deep-house, tech-house, and techno of the weekend. This is obviously where you would find us Booty Shakers. And booty shaking, we were. This stage was going off on both days, and at times I felt like I was at an elite techno festival in Germany, or something. The sound system worked well, although once or twice on Saturday I felt as though it could definitely of been louder. IMG_6936The Tent!

The Tent hosted some really great artists over the course of 2 days. Some of the highlights were undoubtedly Route 94, George Fitzgerland, Matthew Dear, J. Phlip, and of course, Art Department. The heavy bass and hypnotic rhythms were always flowing on this stage, and it made for one great house music party.

IMG_6949Main Stage, with Chicago skyline!

The mainstage was home to a more eclectic selection of artists, encompassing a wider array of genres. With these genres came a much chiller vibe than The Tent, something that was definitely not unwelcome at times. Various bands and DJs graced this main stage, and while we did not see all of them, we still managed to catch some stellar performances. Highlights included Com Truise, Classixx and Cashmere Cat. Dancing to some nice funky electro music, with your feet in the sand and the sun shining down on you? It’s hard to beat that.

IMG_6956Cashmere Cat on the Main Stage.

Overall, it was clear that the organizers of Mamby really put some thought into all aspects of their inaugural event. The only negative of the entire festival was the very long drink and food lines on Saturday. At points, the lines for beverages were all too massive to even consider waiting, but this issue was totally worked out on Sunday. Entry was smooth, shuttles were provided, for free, from various points in the city, as well as a nearby parking lot, and prices were manageable. It is a sad fact that the American festival circuit has been flooded by soulless festivals created only to make a profit. These events are packed to the absolute brim with people, where everything is overpriced and the lineups are often shit. It was truly refreshing to attend Mamby on the Beach, an event that was focused on providing a great, unique experience to a like-minded group of people. For these reasons, I will be back. Hats off to you Mamby, and see you next year!

IMG_6984The Tent, still rockin’!

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