5 Reasons To Get Excited For Mamby On The Beach

I found myself incredibly excited to sit down and write this post. Why? Well, because it means that the inaugural edition of Mamby On The Beach is coming up in only 2.5 short weeks! For those unfamiliar with Mamby On The Beach, or who might have missed our post from a few weeks back announcing their very much stacked lineup, it is a 2-day event, taking place on Oakwood Beach in Chicago, Illinois. On Saturday July 11th, and Sunday July 12th, over 50 artists will gather to play to a crowd of lucky, beach-going electronic music lovers. As previously mentioned, this lineup is absolutely stacked, and with 2-day passes still available for only $120, this almost seems like a no brainer. BUT, just in case you need some more convincing, we have put together a little list of 5 reasons to get excited for Mamby On The Beach!

5. Oakwood Beach


Just look at how beautiful this spot is, and with an amazing view of the Chicago skyline. While regular admission tickets do not come with the ability to swim, VIP tickets do (wink wink), so snatch those up before they sell out. Plus, expect a nice refreshing breeze to come in off Lake Michigan. How many times have you been at a festival, burning up under the hot sun, dancing away on scalding asphalt? Well, not at Mamby! Kick off your shoes, take off that shirt, relax on the sand, and listen to some amazing music while the waves roll in and out behind you.

4. The Price

Right now, tickets are still available for $120. If you were smart, you would of already purchased a ticket at first release, for a mere $100. But do not lament, as when broken down, this is only $60 per day, and when you look at the daily lineups for Mamby, this is honestly such a steal. 2 full days of dancing on the beach, with the soundtrack provided by some of the best artists in the electronic music game right now. Stop waffling, and make the right decision. To Mamby!

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 3. The Diverse Lineup

In the last few years, the festival scene in the United States has become incredibly over-saturated, with new festivals popping up all over the country, all the time. Many, dare I say most, of these festivals seem to possess no soul. They are played out themes, with predictable lineups filled with Beatport Top-100 playing DJs. I can’t say how much I loathe these events. Mamby On The Beach could not be more different. Featuring an incredibly diverse lineups with names such as Empire of the Sun, J. Phlip, Moon Boots, ZHU, and more, there is something for every electronic music fan who often finds themselves heading away from the mainstage. The are so many incredibly talented artists on this lineup, starting with the headliners and ending with the smallest names on the flyer. Arrive early, with an open mind, and prepare to be blown away.



2. Art Department’s Final Midwest Performance as a Duo


This one, while it will undoubtedly make for an incredibly set, is definitely bittersweet. Art Department is the tech-house DJ duo originally made up of Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow. Unfortunately, Kenny Glasgow will be departing (amicably) from the project very soon, leaving it in the more than capable hands of Jonny White. This is upsetting news to any Art Department fan. However, those in attendance at Mamby On The Beach will be lucky enough to catch their final Midwest performance as a duo. A region they have often frequented during their time together, this set could easily be the best of the entire festival. Don’t miss it!

1.  The Fact that this is Mamby’s First Year Ever!!

While yes, it is true that Mamby used to be a weekly Chicago party in the 2000’s (see here for more Mamby history), this is the first ever edition of a Mamby On The Beach festival. And I know that anyone who has ever attended a festival has met that person who has been going since the first year, who tells stories of dancing front row to then unknown artists, paying next to nothing and having an incredibly time. Well, that is NOW! You all have the ability to be that person. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, purchase your tickets for Mamby On The Beach, keep an eye out for our next article, where we will take an in-depth look at the Mamby lineup and get your beach bod ready. We will see you all on the beach!!

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