Nicole Moudaber- ‘Mood on the Hudson’- NYC Yacht Party Review

Just a few days ago, the “Queen of Techno” herself Nicole Moudaber took over the decks of the World Princess Yacht, treating the energetic crowd to a four hour, masterfully mixed set as the large vessel slowly chugged up and down the Hudson River, with the states of New York and New Jersey seemingly within arms reach. The boat began boarding around 11:00pm, and left it’s docking at closer to 12:00. Boasting two main levels, the top deck was reserved for the stage, a dance floor, and 2 bars. The deck below was a nice area to relax, with more drinks available, as well as a small buffet featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, and wings (for a price, of course).


Nicole began playing immediately at 11:00, ushering in the excited crowd with a calmer style of techno, clearly aiming to build the tension and set the mood, as she is known to do. Watching Nicole do her thing at the beginning was really awesome, as it was made abundantly clear why she is considered one of the best techno DJs on the planet. Plain and simple, Nicole Moudaber knows how to bring it. Her song selection at this early stage of the night was perfect, keeping a constant, steady groove that kept the crowd very much engaged, but at the same time never letting the energy get too high. It is also worth noting that, due to the unique venue, it was actually quite easy to get a great view of Nicole, especially from right behind her, off the side on the left or right. This meant that it was possible to view her laptop screen, and the various equipment she was using. To my friends and I, this was a welcome treat. As the night progressed, and the energy level began to pick up, we watched eagerly as Nicole showed her expertise of the Traktor software, constantly mixing at least three different tracks, usually four, with a furious combination of effects, experience, and skill.

IMG_6631 (Nicole, as seen from behind)

The night continued to roll on smoothly, with nothing but amazing views of New York City being soundtracked by one of the best DJs in the game. The highlight of the whole evening came around 1:30am, as the World Princess Yacht was making its way down the Hudson River, leaving Manhattan (not) very far behind. In the distance, a tall, lighted object slowly came into focus, soon appearing as clear as the crispy thumping techno coming through the speakers. I am, of course, referring to our symbol of freedom, the world famous Statue of Liberty. As we slowly glided by the beaming statue, it seemed as though a sense of appreciation fell over the crowd. Special events such as this do not come around often, and it was a real treat to see such an iconic landmark with some amazing, bumping music being heard in the background.


Overall, it was a really great night. Nicole Moudaber brought her rumblin’ rollin’ techno that she is known for, and the New York crowd eagerly ate it up. The event itself was well thrown, and save for a few rather obnoxious, inebriated party patrons, the night went off without a hitch. Hats off to Nicole for an amazing set, and here’s to many more!


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