New Aphrohead (Felix Da Housecat) “Let’s Prance” EP

Yes you heard it right BootyShakers, Felix Da Housecat’s alter ego Aphrohead has released a new song after a 15 year rest!  Felix Da Housecat may be known for a certain style, a certain approach, but the well known house guru has utilised Aphrohead as a way to exhale some of his more out there ideas, drifting into the more brittle, cerebral end of techno but with a keen sense of machine funk.  For those who are not familiar, check out this banger of a track from the 93′, “In The Dark We Live”.  I recently discovered this perfect song through the popular Facebook group, Nov29, which I highly recommend!



Thankfully Felix has returned with a four track EP “Let’s Prance” featuring remixes by Art Department and BLUD as well as Christopher Trücher (the albums co-producer) and Radio Slave.  Felix’s original is deep and dank, with an echo chamber that is put to full use amid a robotic vocal sample and a Teutonic pulse.  Check the original cut below!



Art Department and BLUD’s interpretation :



Christopher Trücher’s interpretation :



Radio Slave and Thomas Gandy’s interpretation :



Stay tuned for more from Felix Da Housecat as he will be coming out with a new album.  In a press release, Felix said the album was recorded and produced for a total of three years.   The new album titled Narrative Of Thee Blast Illusion will be his newest album, hitting stores July 2015.  Check out a song from the album, “Is Everything Ok?” below!


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