Nicole Moudaber @ Exchange 5.30.15

My night started quit differently than I had imagined. The show happened to be on the same night as my birthday, so I wasn’t completely set on going as I had to have more of a “go with the flow” mindset for my 21st. However, mid pregame, my friend and I knew our calling was to split from the group and head over to Exchange to catch Nicole Moudaber. She had already been playing for an hour when we got there, the first of her marathon 6 hour set. But the crowd vibe and music had just been perfectly warmed up for us. The thumping techno matched with minimal lighting and visuals were melting my soul, just like that of any 21 year old techno fanatic. Nicole never let the crowd energy die, and amazingly just kept gigging for the next five hours. The queen of techno had her crew on stage with her, about 20 techno heads dancing completely in sync. It was awesome and I felt absolutely envious, but maybe next time I’ll make the cut.
The highlight of the show was definitely a DJ trick that Nicole used a few times in the 4th hour of her set. With ease, Nicole would lower the music and bring on bright spotlights focused in on her and her crew. It seemed like the show was going to end every time, but instead the exact opposite happened. Everyone would clap and her friends would start to go crazy, and then BOOM! The lights turned off and the techno came back! To call it “complete madness” would be an understatement. A crazy night filled with my three favorite things: friends, dark nightclubs, and techno! …lol
Listen below to Nicole Moudaber’s new track, Her Dub Material:

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