Marcel Dettmann is The Man!

After witnessing the power of the Underground Stage at Movement Detroit, I have become captivated with the music of the performers who made that stage so great.  Nina Kraviz, Regis, Rodhad, Ben Klock and Ben Sims all destroyed their sets and gave the underground of Detroit a raw and heavy dose of their respected interpretations of techno.  Despite all these great acts, there was one man who rose above them all for me.  This man is Marcel Dettmann.  His Thor like haircut, tucked in shirt, and intense thoughtfulness lead me to believe that he was about to set it off.  Indeed he did.  He immediately took the crowd to another planet with his heavy but very danceable techno tracks and continued this race through space for the rest of the time I was present.

Check out what Resident Advisor has to say about the Berliner.

“Techno as Marcel Dettmann defines it, is neither a movement without history nor wistful nostalgia. In the hands of the Berliner, the well-known game of hi-hats, bass lines and kick drums draws its tension and momentum from a historically grown tradition and the conscious decision to break the rules. Reformation and solid construction outplays the use of any gimmicks. Dettmann pours Detroit’s oil into European engines, puts British bass music under the control of Chicago’s very own Jack, cuts classics with abstract nuances and connects yesterday with tomorrow and today. In the unrelenting manner of a great DJ, he generates moods and connections that are age- and classless, but never irrelevant or tasteless. Marcel Dettmann links up the art of improvisation with careful preparation and finally gives techno some of its often painfully missed serious physical constitution back.”

If you weren’t convinced yet, experience his Berlin Boiler Room DJ Set below –


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