5 Must-See Acts at Movement Festival 2015

We are only a week away from Memorial Day here in the United States, and that can only mean one thing: electronic music festivals! In the past decade or so, more and more music festivals have been choosing Memorial Day weekend as their “home”, in a calendar-sense. EDC NY, Mysteryland, Sunset Music Festival in Florida, and of course, Movement Festival, in Detroit, Michigan. Movement Festival takes place during Detroit Techno week, and is a three-day event featuring the best and biggest names in the world of house and techno. This event draws a much different crowd than the aforementioned festivals, such as EDC NY, and this is one of the reasons why I believe Movement is such a special event. This years lineup is stacked, with amazing artists gracing every stage, every day. House, techno, tech house, deep house, acid house, hip-hop, electro-funk, disco and more. We have compiled a list of 5 must-see acts for Movement Festival 2015. We tried to steer clear from listing the biggest names, such as Richie Hawtin, and focused more on some of the perhaps lesser known artists. Check it out!


1. Catz ‘N Dogz- Saturday 5:00-6:30pm- Beatport Stage

If you don’t know them by now, their full Polish names are Grzegorz and Wojciech but you can call them Greg and Voitek. As DJs you are likely to find them playing disco/deephouse at the small parties they organize frequently in Berlin and Szczecin as well as tech-house and techno at festivals and big clubs all over the world. They are regulars on the always bumpin’ Dirtybird label, and have been instrumental in the creation of their own label, Pets Recordings. This 90 minute set, taking place on the earlier side of day 1 (5:00pm), is sure to set the tone for what is going to be an unreal festival. These guys always bring the heat, so make sure you arrive to the festival in time! Labelmate KiNK has a one hour set beforehand, so get there a bit early and groove out before Greg and Voitek melt your minds.

2. Derek Plaslaiko- Sunday 7:00-8:00pm- Thump Stage


Some people filter through the record bins, taking what are on the wall or record store employee suggestions. Then there are people who dig deeper into the dusty crates, and absorb music like a sponge; ignoring labels, bucking trends and are forever on a quest to find the perfect record. The ones that make the staunchest of chin stroking, note taking trainspotters lose their shit on the dancefloor, hanging on every record from one to the next. Derek Plaslaiko unquestionably falls into the latter category. Known for flawlessly mixing anything from techno to disco house, Derek will be in charge of the decks for one hour, as an important part of the Ghostly International label showcase taking place on the Thump Stage. Prepare for a groovy, technically perfect set that keeps the listener guessing. An hour seems a bit short, but it be what it be, so just dance and enjoy!


3. Ben Klock- Sunday 10:30pm-12:00am- Underground Stage

Berlin born DJ, producer and label owner Ben Klock is without a doubt one of the most significant characters in techno’s recent history. A resident at Berghain since its opening in 2004, he has been able to leave his mark on the club’s unique sound, in turn the special space influenced Klock’s approach as a DJ and producer as well.

Playing techno sets full of hypnotic, deep and heavy grooves, releasing records on Ostgut Ton and last but not least the aesthetics of his own label Klockworks (founded in 2006), have earned him an excellent international reputation over the last few years. Supported by stringent and enthralling tracks, remixes for such diverse artists as Kerri Chandler, Martyn or Depeche Mode, the revered debut album “One” on Ostgut Ton and his Berghain mix, Ben Klock’s name is synonymous with the vitalization of an essential definition of techno. I have seen Ben play once before, and he blew me away. I expect nothing less from this set, and I am hopeful that Ben will provide the perfect close to Day 2 of Movement Festival.


4. Audiofly- Monday 3:00-4:30pm- Beatport Stage

Audiofly are the duo of Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton. They met and started working together in the spring of 2002 and immediately started a prolific partnership based on their shared music styles and experiences on the DJ circuit. Their combined talents have created a powerful, experimental and original style of music (a deadly, dirty, jackin, tech meets electronic house) which is very current on the underground club scene. They have been touring the world relentlessly, playing gigs all over, including a headlining spot at the wildly popular Desert Hearts Spring Festival in April. These guys know how to read a crowd, and have the musical catalogue to back it up. Expect upbeat, techy house with a psychedelic twist, all nice and early at 3:00pm, under the Detroit sun. It’s early, but worth it if you can make it in time. Or go the hardcore way and just stay awake through the afterparty, until Movement Festival re-opens the gates for Day 3, at noon. Choice is yours, and the message remains: don’t miss this set.


5. Nina Kraviz- Monday 5:30-7:00pm- Underground Stage

How much do you really know about Nina Kraviz? She’s a Russian techno DJ, an accomplished producer, one of dance music’s breakthrough names of the last five years. True enough, but there’s so much more to her story than that. She’s one of electronic music’s most interesting characters, someone who has stuck to her musical guns since day one, someone who has wide-ranging roots that run deep in the past, yet she’s also the embodiment of the future. Her signature sound is a raw blend of house and techno with a very acidic feel. If that feels very now, Kraviz has a lot to do with it. Nina’s influence can be found in many other sets during Movement Festival, and it is this exact reason why her very own set is not to be missed. Nina Kraviz is a tastemaker, producing and playing only the best in the acid techno/ house world. This 90 minute set from her on Monday night is sure to be one of the best of the entire event.

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