Jack Ü Album Review


For those of you that didn’t catch it, Jack Ü (a super producer collaboration between Skrillex and Diplo) dropped their debut album the other day. To give you some background, both artists are some of the most famous and ground-breaking electronic music producers to ever walk the Earth. Skrillex broke through the dubstep genre and created a revolution for all of dubstep and electronic music in 2010. Diplo has been producing electronic music for much longer, and has worked with everyone from M.I.A. to Madonna. In their b2b live sets, the two have been debuting all different types of dubstep, big room, trap, deep house, progressive house, rap and everything in between. Because both artists create music that sounds nothing alike, and their live sets contain such a wide variety of electronic music, the two created an album aimed to perfectly compile a defining sound as reflected by and designed to further continue their live sets.

With features from Kiesza, 2 Chainz, and AlunaGeorge, the album seemed like it could really have some potential. But throwing Justin Bieber on a track really threw us off. We tried to get past the fact that Justin Bieber was the one singing, and we really couldn’t. It was too weird and came off like they’re trying to make a statement that they can do anything. We were just not feeling that vibe at all.

This album definitely will be put to good use for their live sets, but we aren’t sure if you will even be able to find us at those live sets, as the music is just so bland. All of us at Booty Shakers had immediate reactions of “is this really it?” We actually do have a lot of love for Skrillex and Diplo, we even voted Skrillex as our number 1 artist of last year! But the Booty Shakers crew thinks they could’ve done a little better and would’ve hoped for some better features, instead of Justin Bieber.


Stream the album here:

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