Didaï: Exclusive Artist Interview


I’m super stoked to present an interview that has been a while in the making, with a really exciting young DJ/producer out of Paris, France. This is… Didaï!


Didaï has only been releasing music for the last year or so, and has already gained a solid following, and has released music on G-Mafia Records and Booty Call Recordings. This guy is going nowhere but up. His music can best be described as future g-house, with influences coming from all over, as was made very clear in our interview. Didaï has a lot of fire tracks up on his soundcloud, so make sure to check out https://soundcloud.com/diguidai, but for now, here are a few of my favorites.



These tracks all bump so hard, I love the funky g-house sound. Play one of the tracks, and peep our exclusive artist interview below, with the one and only Didaï!

What originally got you into electronic music production ?I started with rap music when I was 15, producing beats and rapping,and got into the game with various projects, but have always been aware of what was happening on the electronic music scene. During my rap years I was already producing electronic music, but only for myself and not sharing it to people, but with the years passing by I shifted from Rap to electronic music. Probably because I felt more at ease with producing electronic music rather than staying in the rap game. Also when I was into rap, I was already impressed with the electronic productions from Justice etc… and thankfully I have been able to meet with the Ed Banger crew later on. Now it’s been over a year that I’m into House / Nu-Disco / Deep house.

What are your favorite genre and why are they your favorite ?
House / Nu-Disco / Deep House because I feel they’re not that far from the Hip Hop vibe and it was a great transition for me from my initial background.
Who are your biggest musical influences ?
Mickael Jackson with the Thriller album.
Snoop Dogg with the Doggystyle.
Radiohead with OK Computer.
Justice with Cross
What are some goals for your music career ?
– Succeed with my band DESIRRE / https://soundcloud.com/desirre-1
– Travel and play in many countries
– Knowing how to play without the hands just as Guetta is doing half his set.
If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would you pick ?
The Beatangers / Boogie Vice / Justin Martin  /Mnek / AlunaGeorge and so many others.
If you had to pick three venues to play in the world which would you choose ?
No favorite place at the moment, I like small clubs as much as big ones.
Any big one in Japan would be great I’d love to go there.
Thank you and all the best,
There you have it! Huge thanks to Didaï for taking the time, be sure to keep an eye on this guy! Check him out on the web as well-

Instagram : didai

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