Dog Blood’s Live Set from Monegros Desert Festival, Spain

The German/American duo we all know and love have resurfaced again, this time with a live set of their 7am set at the Monegros Desert Festival in Spain.  With their unexpected announcement to perform at the upcoming Movement Detroit Festival in May, many fans have been itching for something new from Dog Blood.  Almost on cue, a new take on the collaborative artist’s sound emerged, this time a little bit less “In Yo Face”.  This 7am set comfortably takes you on a journey through some of the most popular bass heavy dance music songs of the past year while also introducing some new gems!  Below is the full set and some of my favorite songs from it!




Sick song by Boy Noize Record’s Philly boy, Spank Rock.  Dope beat and lyrics.


Awesome track by one of my favorite producers, Crookers!  The girl’s orgasm sounds as a buildup is genius and works very well with the song!


Eats Everything just kills every track he touches, this one is one of his best in my opinion.  Huge bass and awesome tunneling build.


Towards the end of their set Dog Blood introduced some new artists I’ve never heard of, all while taking us down the rabbit hole.  This song by Logo is dark and beautiful.  Awesome music video as well!


This has to be my favorite song of the set.  OBJ’s vocals with the playfully, acid themed song is so enjoyable to listen to!


So awesome they concluded their set with one of the best songs ever.  Green Velvet is timeless!





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