Dirtybird 10 Release Party Review

One of my favorite parts about living in San Francisco is that it happens to be the birthplace of the bumpin’ label Dirtybird. Although their success has spread worldwide, Claude VonStroke and his assembly of talented cohorts still come back to the label’s roots and throw bangin parties for us Bay dwellers to enjoy. The Dirtybird event I just recently attended was the celebration of the record label’s 10 year anniversary. All the DB DJ’s were posting on Facebook weeks before pumping up the fans for this legendary party, my expectations were sky high to say the least.

I arrived 30 minutes before the doors even opened. There was already a line down the shady alley that leads to the Mezzanine, the typical venue for DB functions. Spirits were high, people jubilantly conversed about the impressive lineup of some of DB’s most staple artists. Most talk I heard was in high anticipation for Kill Frenzy, who’s album Taylr Swft blew DB fans out of the water. Once inside, the club was patchy with groups of friends gathering, buying drinks and lightly getting their groove on. Worthy was on deck and was getting the night started off right. J.Phlip was up next and DB’s leading lady got thecrowd turning up as to be expected. During her set a cake with 10 candles on it was brought out many of the artists gathered around and the crowd roared in appreciation.

The energy in the club took another level after Claude took to the decks. With a party kazoo in his mouth almost the entire time, he played banger after banger causing the crowd to shake their booties harder than they ever thought possible. The most turnt up moments were when he dropped Function whih=ch is on the DB 10 record and Eye I Eye a slightly older Claude track. By this time the club was at capacity which only added to the hot, excited energy of all those in attendance. Kill Frenzy followed Claude and did not disappoint the crowd by spinning his tracks from the new album. He had everyone screaming and the hip hop fans smiling from ear to ear with his mix of his track Gorilla and the song which the sample comes from, Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch. His set was by far my favorite of the night, the energy was out of control.

The Martin brothers closed the show, first Christian who played many of the most classic DB tracks, then Justin who for a short time played b2b with Ardalan and kept the energy onehunnid until closing time at 4am.

It was a great night in San Francisco to celebrate a supreme pride of the city and dance all night to some of the most talented dj’s around.


-Olivia Glatt

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