Aphex Twin’s Grammy Award and Special Surprise

As of yesterday, Richard D James won his first Grammy in 12 years, taking home best dance/electronic album of 2014 with his album Syro. The album, originally released through the dark web, beat out artists Deadmau5, Little Dragon, Royksopp & Robyn and Mat Zo to take home the Grammy.  Booty Shakers would like to give our biggest congratulations to him!  We believe he is truly a master musician!  His take on IDM fundamentally transformed musical boundaries inspiring multiple groundbreaking artists of our generation.  It’s great to see that Aphex Twin is now respected as a solidified pioneer of our generation’s culture and sound! Richard thankfully is not slowing down…

Prior to the award, Richard released 155 FREE and DOWNLOADABLE tracks through a Soundcloud account, user48736353001. Check out the account here! — https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001 —

Richard has gone on record saying he didn’t care about record sales or what other people did with his music, this seemingly being the ultimate demonstration.  It’s really mesmerizing and interesting to think about how far back these tracks take us, also about how much music he has stocked away.  Like always though, we will be eagerly awaiting everything and everything from Aphex Twin, waiting to be blown away.




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