DJ Citrik: Exclusive Artist Interview + Exclusive Vinyl Set

Woooow, am I excited to share this with you guys!! Allow me to introduce DJ Citrik!!! Real name Paula, DJ Citrik is a dark techno/acid DJ originally from Columbia, but now living in Madrid. What makes DJ Citrik so special is her unbelievable mixing ability. This girl is dynamite behind the decks, AND she can spin only-vinyl, if need be. Now THAT is impressive, and supremely awesome. I reached out to Paula a few weeks ago, asking if she had any interest in answering a few questions for an interview with us. One thing led to another, and, a few weeks later, I am proud to present not only an amazing interview, but a ridiculously good, hour-long, vinyl-only, acid techno set, made exclusively for us here at Booty Shakers!! It sounds almost too good to be true. We are so beyond stoked to share this amazing DJ with you guys, so peep the interview below and turn your speakers up, because this set BUMPS!

Check out the full interview below!

What first got you into the acid techno sound? Who are some of your biggest influences?

First of all thanks for supporting me with this interview. I’m glad people is interest in my activity as a Dj.
I used to listen to progressive house and Electro Dj’s until i got into a Techno party and that moment changed my life. The english acidtechno specially Stay up forever Crew sound was my favorite because it had a strong kick but hypnotic melodies. That combination of physical and mental music captured me.

What was it like playing shows as part of the “Acid Commanders” duo?

It was an amazing experience because there were not many dj’s at that time in Bogotá who played this kind of music…we traveled a lot, and met great people, it was all about sharing our passion for acid music.

Can you tell us a little bit about your solo project, Citrik? What made you decide to go solo in 2009? What was it like touring in Venezuela, and playing festivals in Colombia?

There are cycles in life, and I felt I wanted to explore more by myself with other sounds like Hardtechno and Drum&bass…not just stay in one thing. For me as a Dj is important to know and play different kinds of music…it opens your mind, improves your technique and lets you know new people, new spaces.

Touring in Colombia and Venezuela is a great experience for any Dj. You can find a lovely crowd that gives everything in the dancefloor, amazing landscapes, great dj’s, great food and different styles of electronic music growing and gaining more impact among the people. Also many friends with whom these trips are adventures. I always have a great time, it’s like a family.

You moved to Madrid, Spain, in 2010. How is the techno scene different in Europe vs. Colombia/ South America?

Techno scene in Madrid is older, there are big clubs and big names that have already create a hole business from it. Since a left Colombia, things there have grown very fast but still being more underground and pure. Parties are getting better and better in every way, so as a “young” space for electronic music, Colombia and South America in general has a lot of potential, ’cause everything is about to be done.

You use a combination of vinyl and CDJs. How did you first get involved with vinyl? Do you prefer vinyl over CDJs, or do they both bring different strengths to your mixing set-up?

I love vinyl! is the Dj tool for sure, and i’m very happy that’s coming back. But i don’t have problem playing cd’s if the music is not pressed. Nowadays there’re many different ways to play, i respect that but for ME the vinyls are part of the Dj’s magic.

Finally, what does the future hold for DJ Citrik?

I’m starting to produce techno and I expect to release some things this year…but with calm everything has it’s time. I think there’s no sense to come out with productions if they are not good enough musically and technically speaking. So i keep working and learning hard with good results until now.

Thanks for supporting Latin American techno dj’s. Lots of love Bootyshakers!!!



There you have it! Lots of interesting information, from a veteran DJ who has played in places that I can literally only dream of. Keep killing it Paula! Be sure to follow her on facebook for everything DJ Citrik, and check back with Booty Shakers soon for more fresh and exciting shizzz!

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