Yan Cook’s New EP – “Dead End” (Planet Rhythm)

Yan Cook, the 23 year old stone cold, hard techno producer from Kiev, Ukraine just released a new EP yesterday January 12, off Planet Rhythm, and boy has he taken a leap forward for 2015!  The three track EP features the massive dark techno punches that we have come to expect from Yan, with a progressed, funkier, more acidic sound.  As I listen to the EP, starting with “Shadows”, I feel as though I am taking off rapidly through the cosmos, whirling by anything and everything, seemingly unstoppable in Yan’s supersonic space ship.  “Dead End” seems then to seamlessly glide in and take over.  I feel like this is Yan’s most danceable track.  It’s amazing to hear such a hard techno sound turn into such a funky groove.  “No Fog” concludes the EP with a lost acidic bang!  This track features sporadic acid tones that appear to be completely unrelated to one another, but as you listen, you’ll realize you’re traveling through a spinning psychedelic world!  To me, the progression, variation in tracks, and the way they complement each other make this EP a gem!  Take a listen for yourselves!




Unfortunately I could not find “No Fog” on Youtube, but check out http://www.beatport.com/release/dead-end-ep/1439829 to listen and buy the EP!!!



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