VooDooSon: Exclusive Artist Interview

We have a really special interview to share with everyone today!  Straight from the beautiful city of Paris, France, we have VooDooSon! This guy has some seeeerious production skills, and has been cranking out g-house inspired bangers and remixes for a while now. His soundcloud is filled with quality tracks, but I will post some of my favorites here:

The Synchronisers- Fuck That Shit (VooDooSon Remix)

VooDooSon- Click Click

Shiba San & VooDooSon- This Is For My Ghetto

There are plenty more tracks and mixes to be found on soundcloud, at  https://soundcloud.com/voodooson. Sadly, this music is too good not to be released via beatport, and most of the tracks found on soundcloud are only short, yet amazing, teasers of whole tracks. To purchase these bangers for yourself, check out http://www.beatport.com/search?query=voodooson. Finally, make sure you like VoodooSon on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/V00D00S0N) to stay up to date with all the fire shit he is consistently putting out.
VooDooSon was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for us here at Booty Shakers, giving us another very special exclusive artist interview. Check out his answers on everything from food to the future!
Who are your biggest influences? 

 HipHop was my first thing. I quickly wanted to understand how my favourites producers created their tracks. Through the variety of the used « samples »,i discovered other kind of music: soul, jazz, classic, rock ,funk etc.


What first attracted you to electronic music?

It came to me naturally.

At the very beginning , my best friend(who was going as Shiba San ) had a studio , it was the usual place to be for the french touch producers , i was squatting the place.I realized then that we actually were working the same way , with the same tools and the same influences.First I kind of liked the energy of this music , then i got invited to an underground House Party .It was a revelation.

Dude! There were so many attractive girls! On the dance floor they where singing the tunes of every track. Hip-hop dancers were making  battles and  you could meet any kind of people . I said to myself, « OK , i want to be a part of this »


How did you come up with your DJ/producer name?

It’s mystery ..Something that goes beyond me…If i tell you i’ll have to kill you. So , don’t be hard on me if i skip this question


What is your favorite food?

I’m French so food is important.I’m pretty open minded though , the same way i am with music.It varies with my mood. Even french i enjoy a good burger with freedom fries . Actually i try to taste the best of each cuisine throughout my trips.


If you had to pick any 3 places in the world to play a set (Amazon rainforest… North pole… etc) which would you pick?

It would be certainly cool to see polar bears or cockatoos bootyshaking ,But at the end of the day when you play, it’s the music and what’s going on between the audience and you who can transform any dance floor into the perfect place.


What does the future hold for VooDooSon?

My Dub of Seraphim Suite & Mica Paris « Heart »is actually working its way up on beatport electronica top 50.

I have a remix of  The Synchronisers  called « Fuck that shit » which come out in juanary . I kind of proud to be about to sign contracts with several important labels . Stay tuned homies!

Besides ,these last few month I really set my focus on the production at the studio. So now it’s time to go back to clubbing. I think that i will soon put some spells on some dance-floors all over  the world!



Well, ladies and gentleman, a big thanks to VooDooSon! An interesting and informative interview with the very cool and mysterious booty house producer. If you want to shake your booty, look no further than our French homie, VooDooSon!

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