Resident Advisor’s Mix of the Year 2014 : Mike Servito at No Way Back Movement 5/25/14

So I know the holidays have came and went, and its time to get on with the new year, but wait! One last thing!  Mike Servito, a seemingly old man in the DJ world, rising to fame in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, has claimed the mix of the year by Resident Advisor for 2014 with his set from the famed No Way Back Movement, and we must listen!  Admittedly, I didn’t know Mike Servito the DJ, or what this festival was, but according to the events website, it is “not a festival, it is not an event – it is a party.” “It was home to the original Music Institute where Derrick May solidified his international reputation as artists like Depeche Mode and New Order would make their way there to hear the musical revolution of groundbreaking DJs like D Wynn and Chez Damier.”  They describe the movement and party as such, “This is our generation returning to the source, feeling a freedom and a heat within the music that resulted in speaker fucking.  Every generation experiences this without the aid of a night club time machine, whether it was at The Loft, Better Days, The Paradise Garage, The Warehouse, The Shrine, Cosmic, Luomos, The Muzic Box, The Hacienda, Medusa’s, The Music Institute, or Berghain. You might not even know that you have soul until you experience being totally lost in the mind control music and realizing there is no way back.”  For me, the only times I have ever experienced this loss of control was at Dubfire’s Live show at Time Warp in NYC this past November and at Cirez D’s set at Ultra this past March.  I was incredibly inebriated for both, but it was a crazy experience “waking up” from a journey through a musical performance.  I don’t expect the same thing will happen to you if you listen to this mix, but if you take the wonderful journey and picture yourself dancing in the heart of Detroit, where this music was first created and explored, is a great complement to this amazing multi-genre, booty-shakin’, techno mix; the best of 2014.  Enjoy Booty Shakers!



No Way Back Movement Website –

Mike Servito Soundcloud –

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