The Sloppy 5th’s: Exclusive Artist Interview

Allow me to proudly introduce The Sloppy 5th’s. Hailing from sunny Miami, Florida, The Sloppy 5th’s is the name Dave Raphael has given to his cool, unique, tech-house project. I stumbled across his soundcloud page a few weeks ago, and after listening to a few tracks, I was instantly hooked. Dave has this amazing ability to create funky, jackin’, tech-house, while still managing to give each track his signature sound. It is no wonder he has released tracks on a number of different labels, including Diablo Loco, Phunk Traxx, and Sphera Records. Some of my personal favorites include:
The Sloppy 5th’s – Big Cat (Original Mix)

Ralph Rosario- You Used To Hold Me (The Sloppy 5th’s 2013 Remix)

All 3 are bangers!
Dave was generous enough to sit down and answer some questions for us, providing us with an exclusive Booty Shakers interview that we are really quite proud of. SO, without further adieu, here is, The Sloppy 5th’s!
How did you get into producing electronic music?
I used to dj full time until around 2006 here in Miami when I felt uncreative by playing only other peoples great music.  Especially when vinyl went away and online record shopping became the norm, I didn’t have those “go to”, unheard of tracks that I used to find by digging through hundreds of records at the record shops.  It became tough to play things no one has heard before so that’s how it began.
Who are some of your biggest influences?
I’m an old school guy (and old, for dance music standards).  I almost go out of my way to not be current with trends in dance music because it forces me to make the stuff I love rather than conforming.  I obviously keep up somewhat because you need the new jack artists inspiration, by my biggest influences are the guys who started a long time ago and are still doing their thing.  Guys like Jark Prongo (Chocolate Puma), Olav Basoski, Carl Cox and all the dudes from the Chicago jackin filtered house era of the 90’s (CZR, Angel Alanis, Kevin Irving types.)
Can you describe your production process? What software/machines do you use, and what is your favorite?
I am LO-FI all the way!  I am notorious for having almost no knowledge of how electronics work (I couldn’t even set up my turntables when I had them, I don’t understand how cables work and my wife soundproofed my studio).  For a while I tried to fix this and then I realized that by going about dance music in my own weird way I will get sounds and tracks that are pretty unique and cool……..I unplugged my keyboard and now strictly draw and automate everything in by hand in Ableton.  I didn’t delete, but stopped using the endless vst’s I had accumulated and stuck with my favorite 2.  The rest of my effects and plug ins and instruments are from Ableton and I know my way around them pretty good and that’s all that matters.
What have been your most memorable moments from playing gigs? If you could play at any 3 venues in the world, which would you pick?
Like I said, I haven’t focused on dj’ing in a few years but that is the end goal to get track exposure enough that I can play gigs again to people that LOVE UNDERGOUND HOUSE AND TECHNO!!  Whether it’s 10,000 people or 100 people…….so my favorite moments are from the early 2000’s when I played every week in Boston area where I grew up.  No one in my town knew the difference between Daft Punk and FatBoySlim at that time….now my little nieces favorite musicians are all dj’s:)
3 Venues……..Pretty cliche but Ibiza sunset.  12 o’clock set on New Years somewhere in the far East becuase the crowds are awesome and they hit new years before the rest of the world and the Terrace at Space, here in Miami, which I have not yet done actually.
Finally, what does the future look like for The Sloppy 5th’s?
EXPOSURE!!  As much exposure as I can get.  I have committed to making records I love which makes dominating Beatport tough but I know that after a few more charting tracks I’ll be in the dj drivers seat.
Well, there you have it! A little history, a little taste of the future, a lot The Sloppy 5th’s! The sky is the limit for this guy, and we here at Booty Shakers will be excitedly waiting to see what he comes up with next!
It is also important to note that, if you love a Sloppy 5th’s track, and just can’t live without downloading it to your various devices, a quick email to should help majorly. Check out Dave, and his awesome music, at the links below!

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