RISE&DECAY: Exclusive Artist Interview

One day in early December I was browsing through Soundcloud, looking for some dope new content, when I found RISE&DECAY in trending techno.  His profile picture, posted above, looked incredibly psychedelic and unlike most others, which first interested me.  When I got to listening, I was instantly blown away and had to check out more of his work!  This man from Tönisvorst, Germany, posted tracks that were both electrifying and unexpected, thanks to an interesting mix of genres.  Hearing an artist flow from a tough, underground techno sound, to psychedelic hip hop, to hardcore, was as a first for me and I was hooked!  I was extremely delighted when he agreed to do an interview for Booty Shakers!  Here’s an appetizer of RISE&DECAY’s powerful sound!




Let’s take a breath….and strap in for another.






Lets slow it down with some psychedelic hip hop! Errre Erre!





Finally, RISE&DECAY gives you his taste on HARDCORE!






How did that sound?!  Hopefully your eardrums have survived that assault from Patrick Fiedler, the producer who is RISE&DECAY!  If you need more now, don’t worry, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can find his Soundcloud link and all his tracks!  Turn up the volume and check out Patrick’s exclusive interview for Booty Shakers below!


1. When did RISE&DECAY first begin?  Can you describe your career so far and the sounds that you create?

In 2001 I became an beginner to DAW, on my birthday.  It was Magix Music Maker Deluxe 2001 I think. I spend a little bit of time with the Music Maker but I really didn’t like it. Next Time I used an DAW was in 2007. A friend show me the basics on how to make music the digital way. From that moment I was addicted and wanted to find out more about producing. So I spent every second of my free time finding out how to.  In that way, a lot of tunes were born and the development of my own sound began!

2. Who are your biggest influences as an artist?  Did living so close to the Netherlands and Belgium have any affect on your taste?

The biggest influences were Techno Partys since I was 16 years old. 2001 there was Rheingold Club at the Düsseldorf main station and “Tor3” in Düsseldorf. I love AcidTechno like the amazing ACIDWARS Partys and Hardtechno too. But i listen to a lot of different genres from HipHop to HardcoreTechno to Rock over pop music. But just a handful of people characterized my own style like DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, Sven Väth, Arcus P., Sorgenkint. Living so close to the Netherlands opens the way to the Thunderdome ID&T Records Music. So I grow up with Hardcore sound and I love it!


(Here’s a look at what the ACIDWARS parties look like!!! Awesome!!!)


3. Did you attend any of the Time Warp events or Love Parades? Any favorite clubbing or festival moments?

I visit the Loveparade two times. One in Berlin and one in Dortmund. It was a great Party and I had a lot of fun! I never have been to TimeWarp but maybe in the future. 😀

( I think I see you Patrick! 😛 )


4. What do you use to produce? Do you have anything on your wishlist? 

I have produced with FL Studio since 2007. I use an Midi Controller, Tablet PC, Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 and my KRK Rockit 6 Monitors.  Sometimes I use TraktorPro2 and my Reloop Mixage Controller to mix my tracks. My wishlist is very long 😀 There are a lot of nice sounding software synthesizer and effects. But my very next target is a studio in the basement of my house.

5. What’s next for RISE&DECAY?

The next….. just doing like before and see what happens. Maybe there are some people that like my style like you 😉 I will hope so.



I want to give a huge thank you to Patrick for taking his time to answer questions for us!  He’s really got a tremendous talent for making killer techno tracks, so be on the look out for more from him, I know I will!  Below are a couple more impressive tracks from him that I really enjoy!   Starting off is another bomb of a techno track he just released four days ago!









SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/kr-chaoshead


Thanks again Patrick! Happy New Years to you and all our readers!


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