The Booty Files 001: Mixed by Red&Yellow and Moose Methods

Today, as a sort of late Christmas present, we are very proud to present the first ever Booty Shakers mix. Welcome to….. The Booty Files! This is 001, the very beginning. To commemorate, we brought in two different DJs, and asked them to throw down 30 minute mixes. First, we have Red&Yellow, putting down a funky set of g-house, booty house and tech-house inspired heaters. Second, you know him, you love him, the one and only Moose Methods. America’s favorite moose stopped by and put together a really cool, progressive mix, blending deep and glitchy genres in an effort to effectively alter your understanding of space and time. Quite a trip, my friends. Enjoy!

The Booty Files 001 – Part 1 – feat. Red&Yellow by Booty Shakers on Mixcloud

The Booty Files 001 – Part 2 – feat. Moose Methods by Booty Shakers on Mixcloud

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