The 7 Days of Dirtybird (Album Review)

We here at Booty Shakers are huge fans of Dirtybird, a booty house record label based in San Francisco and founded by the one and only Claude VonStroke. This year, Christmas came early, in the form of a very special Dirtybird release, titled The 7 Days of Dirtybird. This is a compilation album, which features seven individual tracks, three of which are collaborations between artists. As soon as this album was released, I purchased it, grabbed my headphones, and sat down for a nice little listening session. I had high hopes, as I always do for the Dirtybird fam, and I was absolutely not disappointed.


1. LFO I Love You- Andrea Di Rocco and Claude VonStroke 

The opening track on this album features the big dog himself, Claude VonStroke, and the Italian Andrea Di Rocco. This one is just classic Dirtybird, so unique and quirky and awesome, all at once. It’s hard to describe a track like this, so my advice is if you are only going to listen to one song off this album, (which is a huge mistake,) I wholeheartedly suggest, nay insist, it be this one. Any fans of bumpin house music will enjoy this track, and will become huge Dirtybird supporters in the process.

2. For Club Use- Ballast feat. Kid Enigma

This track goes really really hard, and the title really says it all. This is a bumpin, heavy bass banger and immediately made me think, “wow, this would set a dancefloor offff on a quality club sound system.” Kid Enigma provides vocals, seemingly pitched down a bit and a perfect complement for the overall deep vibes of the track.

3. Bell Murray- Christian Martin

I have long been a fan of Christian Martin, and this track did not disappoint me. Christian combines funky, high pitched synths with a kick, clap and hi-hat combo to create a really intricate piece, perfect for the Dirtybird label. I know I have heard Claude drop this track live on at least two separate incidents, and I am so stoked that it was finally released.

4. Roff- Genghis Clan and Blot

This is another track that I have undoubtedly heard Claude drop live. Picture a buzzing power plant, with steam rising in different directions and large machines operating, creating almost a rhythmic sound amidst the chaos. The low-frequency bass just bumps and buzzes so damn good in this track, put on a quality pair of headphones and prepare to vibe out with this booty shaking banger.

68818 Justin Martin (left) and Claude VonStroke (right)

5. Princess- Justin Martin and Ardalan

Tied for my favorite track on this compilation, Justin Martin and Ardalan really knocked this one out of the park. These guys combine a plucky, very quirky and upbeat synth, with the classic, heavy Dirtybird bass, tied together with what sound like wooden blocks and an amazing vocal that repeatedly says, “anything for my princess.. hahaha.” This one is so good, and honestly I can’t imagine it being released on any label other than Dirtybird. Turn it da fuck up, you won’t be sorry!

6. The Clock- Kyle Watson

This is yet anoooother jam that I have heard Claude drop live. Kyle expertly combines a really solid kick drum with an abbreviated shaker, hi-hats and an amazing bassy synth to crank out this solid tune. The drop at 1:30 is on fire, and causes me to dance and groove in my seat, whether I like it or not. The heavy bass wubs and wubs the way only a Dirtybird bass can, and leaves me expecting big things from this Dirtybird newcomer.

7. People Forget- Sonny Fodera

Sonny Fodera has been in the game for a while now, but this is his first release with the highly esteemed Dirtybird label. The track has a very tech-house feel, with a solid, punchy kick and hi-hat combo leading into a great, bass-filled drop.  This combines with a nice repeating vocal sample, stating “girls forget… girls forget… let the booty shake.” This one has great vibes, reminding me of a Hot Since 82 bass jam. A real nice end to an amazing compilation.

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