Jeff Mills Introspective “Tugobot” Interview

Jeff Mills, one of the pioneers of Detroit techno, talks about his past, influences, and the art of electronic music.  In this interview, Jeff describes the objective of DJ’s and how they portray their art to their audience.  “It doesn’t necessarily always have to be danceable for three hours, it doesn’t necessarily always have to be the top 10 hits on Beatport.  It can be what the style is of the time, or the flavor of the day.  It can just be about a vision you [have] about the year 2050, in New York.”  He continues to describe his perspective on the DJ – audience relationship.  “A lot has to do with why people are there and what they want.  It’s not so much what’s happening during the night, it’s when they leave, how much of that they are actually taking with them.  They are kind of asking for something.  They are asking to be taking away.  And so, it is my job to prescribe the scenario for this.”  “If I can create it, conceptualize it and play it in the direction I am thinking about, then someone should be able to feel it.”  Jeff continues on to talk about reaching an “objective” in production, the unconscious origin we all experience when listening to music, and the sometimes predictable nature of dance music that he looks to ignore as he creates new music.  Take a listen for yourselves to this amazingly introspective interview with one of techno’s greats!


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