DJ Krush- Beyond Raging Waves

Christmas break has officially started for us college students, and I can’t think of a better way to unwind than by putting on some good headphones and bumping this track. Allow me to introduce DJ Krush. Real name Hideaki Ishi, DJ Krush is a 52 year hip-hop producer hailing from Japan. This particular track, Beyond Raging Waves, is a beautiful, exotic combination of hip-hop and Japan. The Japanese influence is undeniable, with flawless usage of strings and drums, creating a piece that is almost unclassifiable by genre. DJ Krush is known for his hip-hop productions, for his ability to make amazing beats. While this track is no different, it utilizes basically no vocals, ultimately creating something much grander than a simple hip-hop beat. There are so many different elements and instruments, all interacting and playing off one another perfectly, in the signature style that DJ Krush has come to be known for. Save this one for those rainy days when all you wanna do is chill out.


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