Alcatraz- Giv Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

If you are a dance music fan, you are familiar with the work of Ms. Nicole Moudaber. Known to many as ‘The Queen of Techno,’ Nicole was born and raised in Nigeria, before moving to London to pursue her musical dreams. This particular remix, of the famous track Giv Me Luv, by Alcatraz, is Nicole at her finest. Released via Yoshitoshi Recordings, as part of a 20th anniversary to the famous label, this track is guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving.

Coming in just short of 11-minutes, this one is a tech-house masterpiece. While we here at Booty Shakers love techno, and house, we often find tech-house to be a little soft for our particular ears. But this track does tech-house justice, and of course it is produced by the Queen herself, Nicole Moudaber. A dark vibe is set from the get go, with a punchy kick, rolling bassline and hi-hat combo perfect for any dark club show.  The track slowly breaks down, with nothing but the vocals and a quiet, glitchy synth remaining. This eventually culminates in an almost two minute long “drop,” where Nicole, as you might of guessed, drops this amazing beat so hard, it will undoubtedly have you dancing. It’s pure tech-house goodness, something I can easily imagine hearing in a Carl Cox set, or even a Sven Vath set, and I recommend you take a listen… now!

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