Ilario Alicante- Black Walls


This track was released over two years ago, but it is so good that I had to post it. Meet Ilario Alicante, the 26 year old Italian producer famous for releases on Cocoon Records and debuting at Time Warp when he was only 15. This guy lives and breathes clubbing, and this track is beautiful, dark, top notch techno production. Titled Black Walls, the dark vibes are strongggg on this one. The overall mood is quite psychedelic, with claps and hi-hats fading in and out, combining with an amazingly heavy kick drum that never stops. There is a great breakdown around the 4:30 minute, slowly leading into my favorite part of the track, a dark and heavy, synth laden drop that reminds me of a Riche Hawtin Enter party. Turn up the bass on this one, and enjoy.

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