Homies 4 Life

Personally, Bromance might be one of my favorite record labels out right now, as I truly admire everything that Brodinski stands for. The sound of Bromance is currently merging together a lot of different styles, all while keeping that fresh Parisian touch. After seeing live sets from the two dons of the label, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein, I became instantly hooked on the sound of Bromance.

While Brodinski’s sound is a strong representation of Atlanta hip-hop mixed with French techno, the sounds out of the rest of the Bromance crew come from all different types of music. Recently, the label put out their first ever Homieland album featuring tracks from just about all of the Bromance artists. The album/compilation features a gnarly picture of crew member Guillaume Berg smiling as his face is covered in blood. It definitely sets the tone for the album, putting out an image that the sound is hard, but still very awesome.

I have a lot of love for Maelstrom, Louisahhh!!!, and Jimmy Edgar, and the entire rest of the crew that’s on the album. But, my real favorite tracks of the album came from the Club Cheval punk, Panteros666, and the big boss, Brodinski. Panteros666 influence comes from all over. He loves gabba and hardcore, but also electro and techno. And his sound is a heavy mix of it all.

While Brodinski’s track on this album is completely different. Featuring Chicago rapper SD, Brodinski fucking goes in on this track, providing a huge club banger for the fans.

I’ve been hyped off this Homieland album since before its release. And even though I haven’t stopped playing it, I already can’t wait for Homieland Vol. 2!

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