Flowers and Sea Creatures- Overworld


I stumbled across this track very early this morning, via an Annie Mac set she threw down for Mixmag in London. This track, Overworld, is perfect on so many levels. Produced by the duo of Graham Baxter and Kosta Megalos, better known as Flowers and Sea Creatures, this track is a beautifully dark, mesmerizing take on the more musical side of techno.

All you need is good speakers, or high quality headphones, and this track will transport you, literally, across the universe. I’m writing this from another dimension write now. That being said, I can still break the track down. A slightly muted, but steady, kick drum is our guardian, originally appearing amid a fury of shakers. We can hear some shiny synths, almost sounding like ocean light towers, in the distance, making their way towards us. The song progresses with a beautiful symphony of synths and reverberated keys, creating some amazing, out-of-this-world melody that is impossible to dislike. Eventually some nice, airy male vocals make an appearance, as if beckoning me to come forward, to give in to the greater force that is this track. Eventually a shaker-laden drop hits, sounding perfect for a hot Ibiza afternoon, with sweaty bodies filling up the dance floor. Allow Flowers and Sea Creatures to take you on this journey, you won’t be sorry!

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