Jamie Jones- Ruckus

This track is on fire! It’s a couple years old, but that is not going to stop me from posting it. Allow me to set the stage. The year is 2010. The month is April. The mega-successful Welsh DJ/producer Jamie Jones has just recently started his new label, Hot Creations, and it is up to him to create the first ever release. So, here it is. Ruckus is track one out of four on the first ever Hot Creations release, aptly titled Ruckus, and aptly produced by label boss Jamie Jones.

The track is quintessentially Jamie, utilizing a funk kick and snare combination to provide a steady beat. He then brings in smooth, 80s-style synths, injecting the track with some disco fever. All the while, a bouncing bassline is carrying us along, rolling endlessly into itself, conjuring images of riding through an apple orchard, nothing but apples in site.

At around the 5 minute mark, the track takes off and reaches an entirely new level. Jamie infuses what had been a really solid track with an amazing, heavy, reverberating synth, creating a drop that must have destroyed millions of dance floors. Well, maybe not millions, but it could destroy that many, it’ that good! The rest of the track is a high-energy, wild ride, complete with heavy bassline, repetitive synths and glitched up vocals. It’s pure Jamie Jones, and you’re gonna love it!


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