Snad: Exclusive Artist Interview


                   Booty Shakers is excited and proud to present our first-ever interview with the gifted, 21 year old deep/techno house producer,  Shyam “Snad” Anand! 

       Snad, a nickname given to him by a friend, has already done so much for his age!  On Beatport, you can find 22 fire tracks he has been apart of, them being originals, remixes, or collaborations.  On his Soundcloud, you can find many additional tracks he has remixed and edited.  Here are a couple of my personal favorites!







The Malvern, Pennsylvania native has not been confined to just the studio.  Snad has taken his records across the world! Recently Snad spent time in Berlin and India spinning and networking, to which he will elaborate more on below.  This all combined with his radio show at Northwestern University, makes it seem like there is no slowing down this passionate young man!  Here’s what he shared about his journey with us!



1. When did you first begin your musical career and when did you gravitate towards producing electronic music? Any great influences? 

I played piano, violin, saxophone, flute, and guitar sporadically but I never really kept up with any of them. As for producing, I started when I was 15 so it’s been 6 years so far. I actually made some pretty embarrassing rap tunes when I was just starting off but I switched to electronic stuff pretty quickly thereafter. I used the website imeem a lot in middle school and that served as a decent primer for electronic music. I mainly listened to a lot of japanese hip-hop when I was younger (old m-flo — their producer taku made some hot house / garage beats back then… can’t vouch for their newer stuff though). Weirdly enough a lot of the stuff I listened to was in the electronic vein, I just never knew it. I played WoW in middle school too and some chick showed me french house… that’s what really got me going. Biboulakis – Neighbors Love Me… that dude is a killer producer. I also found some old four tet and burial that I never got into until years later — shame.


2. Can you describe your production process? What software/machines do use in your production and what is your favorite to use? 

As of late, my production process has been quite blind. I don’t do anything specific to start out with. Sometimes I start listening to a reference track and sorta get an idea of the vibe I would like to recreate. Other times I just open up logic and start filling in random notes fucking about till I get something that sounds cool to me. My setup is fairly simple right now. I have a Macbook Pro 2011 (this shit is inherently flawed, fuck apple for not taking care of their customers), Logic Pro 9, a Virus Classic B & Nord Rack 2 synth all running through a Saffire Pro 40 Audio Interface. As for monitoring, I have Genelec 1029A’s (if you can’t tell by now, I’m a craigslist ninja) and Sony MDR-7506 headphones for lowend where my genelecs dropoff.

Honestly, I haven’t had my Nord for the past year as I was in Berlin. The voltage switch is inside the box and I didn’t want to open it up so I left it with a buddy — Ric Cross — who still hasn’t returned it to me. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder… I’d be lying if I said that the Nord wasn’t my favorite synth right now. The virus is hella fun to mess around with though and it definitely adds to my workflow. It’s quite easy to make something real unique and just bounce it to audio, chop it to bits, and sequence it.


3. Can you describe your move to Berlin and your experience there through your production and performances?

Berlin was absolutely mad. There’s honestly no place like it in terms of good music. I was very tired of being under 21 in Chicago cause there’s literally fuck all you can do there without an ID… so I decided to study in Berlin for the year. I moved there in August and every week until December I frequented Katerholzig, Sisyphos, and Chalet. I honestly don’t have enough good things to say about those places, the vibe was unreal. Kater had funktion ones setup upstairs just before it closed down — every friday they had live jazz and such. That place was truly untapped. Anyways, I was fortunate to meet Dave Dinger (a member of bar25/kater/bachstelzen) through my good friend and collaborator Ignatius Camilo. We had both been to Iggy’s club Cirrus in Goa so we hit it off quite well. Thankfully he invited me to play at a party he was throwing at Süß war Gestern that November (Sweet was yesterday). It was probably my favorite gig of the year to be honest. The place was packed, people were vibing out and I played a ton of originals and they were so well received — some dude even offered me acid during one of my collabs with Iggy — stay tuned on that one lol. I also played a cool show at Freudenreich with Steve Engelmann, David Faust, Peter Grummich, and Yapacc in June. Despite god awful sound, that really was a special night. Honestly, Berlin clubbing is all about intimacy and the music. My last two gigs in Berlin were on the night Germany won the world cup. We started off during the day at one of Steve’s Circles Open Air parties. Fantastic vibes, all wax… we got chased away by the cops, set up shop by the highway / river and they apparently went all night. My buddy Leon Holstein and I (He’s got a sick release out on O*RS) then went to play Feel Festival. Unfortunately when we got there it started monsooning and we had to cover our vinyl with trashbags. After running a mile + in the rain we found out there was no power and we couldn’t play lol. So that’s pretty much the Berlin vibe… it’s real spontaneous, shit always goes wrong but the show goes on.


4. Where has been your favorite place to play?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some really good gigs as of recent. I will never forget my debut in Berlin @ Süß. However, my favorite place to play is definitely Cirrus in Goa. Even if there’s just 2 -3 people dancing, the sound is nice and there are truly no limitations on the dance floor. I also played a pretty cool gig in Mumbai this past summer. I got to jam out with a live bamboo flute player, Atul Sharma. I spun some loungy stuff at the Tapas bar and he improv’d right on top — still waiting on the eventers to get us the recording.




5. What’s next for Snad? 

Hm interesting question. I will of course continue my tenure at Streetbeat via WNUR 89.3 in Chicago. We’ve got some excellent programming every Monday night from 10-3 and it’s a project I’m generally really excited about. The biggest thing in my life right now is Dans Musik, a vinyl imprint i’m starting with my homies tha fiend and jamez bluntz. I’m also working on another vinyl project with Ignatius Camilo called Gandu. We’ve got a lot of tracks and concepts down for both projects and we’re really just organizing everything and getting ready to press it all. Aside from that, I’m continuing to produce originals, mixing down a fuckload of collaborations with Ignatius and tha fiend, working on my vinyl cutz, and booking shows for 2015! There’s definitely a lot of content on the way, so stay tuned!


Here’s a tune from Dans Music – pretty bad ass track



So there you have it maw fucka’s!  Listen and support Snad and friends now and as time goes on! Also be on the lookout for new heavy hitting stuff from Snad, Dan’s Music and his other collaborators!  They all have very bright futures in music! Tune into WNUR 89.3 Chicago, Monday nights 10-3 for Snad’s “Streetbeat” to stay up to date on Snad’s newest releases and ventures!  Hope you enjoyed this wonderful look into a passionate, young artist’s blossoming career! 🙂


Here’s everything Snad! – Soundcloud (NEW TRACKS AND FREE DOWNLOADS!!!) – Facebook – Beatport Profile – Personal Website – Dans Music Facebook  – WNUR 89.3 Chicago

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