Time Warp USA 2014 Review


Documentary by Silversquares, a project interpreting global dance culture. www.fb.com/silversquares.

81 39th Street New York, located on the boarder of Brooklyn and the Upper New York Bay, turned into a Techno paradise for Friday and Saturday, Nov. 28 & 29, 2014.  These two nights featured the top techno DJ’s flexing their muscles for the first time in a Time Warp environment, for a United States crowd.  Luckily, I was one of those in the audience, and it’s a pleasure of mine to say that I am still recovering from the intensity of the weekend.


My friends and I were located about 3o minutes from the venue, located somewhere in the middle of Brooklyn.  Arriving at the venue Friday night, we were astonished to see where it was located.  Right off the ramp of the highway for the 39th Street Exit, we were immediately greeted with towering abandoned buildings and a frigid breeze coming from the water.  Thankfully we quickly found the beginning of the cue, which appeared to lead somewhere into a pair of grey industrial hangers protruding from the land.  As I stood in the crowd, I could not help but notice all the black attire everyone had chosen to wear.  This gave me and my three friends an unsettling feeling as we moved forward.  My freezing body though, got more and more excited as we inched forward, and finally we passed the ticket line and down a long pathway leading to the farther of the two hangers.  As we approached, you could hear the dark, overwhelming, thump of techno music blasting through this tin hanger.  It seemed as though the place was going to explode from the intensity of this noise!


That was the lineup of the first night.  The Cave and Floor 2 were the two performance areas of the venue, The Cave, being the bigger and more produced one.  I cannot give either of the area’s justice with words, so I will post some pictures later to show you guys what it all looked like 🙂 The first performance we saw was No Regular Play’s set.  They were playing a sound that I will describe as a dark, tropical, deep house haha.  No Regular Play really has a sound of their own and even though it wasn’t really representative of the music to come, it was nice to start the weekend on a chiller, softer note.  In addition to the relaxed music, the production was a lot chiller in the earlier stages of the night.  I believe after 12 on both nights the production really began to step up in both rooms.  The techno master, Joseph Capriati then stepped to the decks at 12, and delivered that hard hitting techno sound everyone was waiting for.  I really enjoyed his set, as this was the only one I stayed for the entirety of the whole weekend.  If you can, definitely see if you can find his set online!


Joseph Capriati Taking Brooklyn to a New Dimension


Next up was The Martinez Brothers.  I was super excited to see them!  They really brought their chill, techno, psychedelic sound and it was amazing to hear!  Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the middle part of their set, because Dubfire Live had to be heard!



That was the trailer to his live set, which does not really give it justice.  As he stood in between those trippy screens, he played a sharp, psychedelic, techno sound that rose and fell throughout his set, which really entranced a lot of people, including me!  I remember a point nearing the end of his performance where I was like “Whoa, what just happened the past 45 mins.”  Here’s a fan video caught during the set.


As you can see, Dubfire’s set was an unique and enjoyed by everyone! I don’t really know how he incorporated the live part of his set, but it seems as though he managed to mix some tracks in there as well.  One of those he ended with.  This might of been the only track he actually played throughout his entire set, I don’t know, but it really encompassed Dubfire’s sound perfectly.  I will warn you, this track is VERY intense!


That track left everyone with a wicked smile and prepared us for an epic conclusion from Luciano.  Starting at 3am, Luciano brought the party! Early on his set he began with an incredible, danceable, techno remix, by the well established techno producer, Alan Fitzpatrick.  This song would later be played by Sven Vath early on in his set the next day.  It is one of my favorite songs right now, so here it is!



So awesome right!? Here’s a pretty awesome picture I took of Luciano as well!








Here’s the lineup and set times from Day 2 of Time Warp USA.  I have to say, the coordinators of this event were really spot on in selecting the set times for both days.  They really gave everyone a chance to see all their favorite DJ’s.  Additionally, each DJ was really able to develop their own creative sound with the time slot they were given.

My friends and I first entered during the beginning of Pan-Pot’s set.  I am a huge fan of theirs and was really excited to see them.  Unlike many others though, I was not a fan of their set and really thought all the tracks they played sounded too similar.  This allowed an easy transition to Taimur & Fahad, an unknown group to me, but I really enjoyed the psychedelic, acid vibe they were playing, and especially enjoyed their transition with Josh Wink.  To whomever was there for the beginning of his set, you know what I am talking about.  Josh and Taimur & Fahad mixed two tracks together, cutting one completely out and then bringing the other back in, in such an incredible way.  The two sounds were so complementary and both artists did such a great job of mixing one’s phat bass drum into the other, and vice versa.  Josh Wink is such a talented DJ, he really brought a crazy vibe to Floor 2.  Such a crazy acid, techno sound had my mind buzzing.  Thirty minutes in it actually got too intense for me, and my friends and I decided to ventured across back to the hanger, into The Cave for the end of Pan-Pots set.

I was so excited for Papa Sven!  I had never been there for one of his lives sets, but knew how big of a legend he was in the techno scene.  All I had for impressions were his songs and the gems of Youtube videos.  I especially like this video. Papa Sven off his tits and absolutely destroying a crowd that was supposedly one million people strong.



The outfit and his mannerisms during his performance are just epic!  The guy is a pioneer and loves what his does!  It was truly inspiring to see him come out with his more proper bald haircut, hands held high, shepherding us into the beginning of his masterpiece of a three hour set.  Every track Sven seemed to love.  He seemed to be so into the music, just like in the video above, as he smiled, danced, and fist pumped all over the stage.


So awesome!!! All vinyl too! His set was really something special!  During the 3 hours, my friends and I ventured over to listen to DJ Tennis, someone who I also was not too familiar with, but I really enjoyed a lot of the stuff he was playing.  Him and Josh Wink really brought a different kind of techno vibe to Floor 2 for the second day, in my opinion.

The final hour of Sven showed just as much talent and power as the first two.  He started it off with this powerful banger of a record to keep the crowd right where he wanted them.


The anticipation of Richie Hawtin was growing nearer and nearer!  My friends and I began moving closer and closer, trying to get a better view of his entrance.  Even though Sven had played three hours prior, I was hoping that Richie and him would go B2B for a bit, but that was not the case.  Richie, fresh off his pregame at a local strip-club, making everyone aware through his Instagram, began preparing on the opposite end of the stage as Sven.  Richie and Sven then joined in for some tremendous hugs and waves as his set was nearing it’s end.  Richie was finally on at 4am, and I was ecstatic.  Here’s a picture I took at the beginning of his set.


It was really awesome to see, all the lights were cut out in The Cave besides those two powerful beams behind Richie.  He started his set with an incredible tech intro complete with flying hi-hats and many effects.  Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for much more of his set, as my friends wanted to leave.  That’s right, I know 🙁 I was especially disappointed that I missed out on Richie’s finest moment, when he pushed the speaker over on that girl, but hey, I guess it’s probably better that way haha.

I hope you enjoyed this Time Warp USA Review.  It was a CRAZY weekend.  Of all the festivals and clubs I’ve been too, (Ultra, EDCLV) this event was on a different level.  If you really want to experience the techno vibe, and really feel what the scene is all about, I highly recommend Time Warp.  If you don’t enjoy pounding, psychedelic dance music, and transforming your mind for more than a couple hours, this event is definitely not for you. If you do like pounding, psychedelic dance music, however, I suggest you get tickets the next time Time Warp comes around!


TIME WARP USA 2014 – 7.5/10


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