Time Warp 2014 : Brooklyn, NY (Preview)



Wow! It’s hard to believe it, but Time Warp has crossed the pond for the first time ever for it’s 20th Anniversary, arriving at 39th Street Pier in South Brooklyn, NY! This event, first beginning in Ludwigshafen, Germany in 1994, has been a foundation for futuristic sounds and visuals unlike anything the world has seen before!  This foundation was pieced together by providing the finest sound and a light equipment in the business, as well as incredible, pioneering producers and DJ’s who ultimately make Time Warp what is it.  This has manifested itself into a movement throughout Germany, Europe and now finally, the United States.


Here is a glimpse of Time Warp’s incredible history:


The first ever Time Warp was held in a small but popular venue called “Walzmuhle” in Ludwigshafen, Germany on November 26, 1994.  This event brought in a small but compact crowd of 2000.  The lineup consisted of Speedy J, Robert Armani, Laurent Garnier, John Acquaviva, Lunatic Asylum, Acid Junkies, Patrick Lindsey, Trope, Kid Paul, Groove Klein, Heiko M/S/O, and Mr. Erg.

The first Time Warp was so successful that in 1995, the event moved to Mannheim, Germany, to accommodate the now 10,000 attendees.  Here was first appearance of techno legend Sven Vath, who to this date, has never missed one.  Last month he celebrated his 50th birthday at “Maimarkthalle” with several of his best friends and DJ’s who will be joining him at Time Warp in NY.

On Time Warp’s 10th birthday and after a few venue changes, Time Warp finally found its home at the “Maimarkthalle” in Mannheim, Germany.  One year later, in 2005, Time Warp began expanding.  They introduced their “Colors of Rhythm” concept where there would be three event zones energized with subjects such as art & media.  This year was also important because it was the first year Time Warp began taking steps to make their event a multi-day festival.  Finally, in 2005, Time Warp left Germany for the first time.  On October 22, 2005, in Prague, Czech Republic, Time Warp was held for the first time in a foreign country.

In 2007, Time Warp defined a city.  It was Mannheim’s 400 year Anniversary and Time Warp was named an official part of the ceremony.  An incredible seven day festival followed being called the “International Festival for JetztMusic & Media Arts.” Below is a trailer for the event.






So it’s safe to say that Time Warp has had its impact on thousands of people abroad.  But now it is our turn!  Time Warp was originally planned to be held at the Kingsbridge Armory, an abandoned warehouse seemingly perfect for the Time Warp atmosphere!  Unfortunately, the Time Warp staff and NY City Officials could not agree on permits and other details to acquire the venue.  This led to some unrest for fans who already had purchased tickets and were looking forward to the event so intensely.  Thankfully, the Time Warp staff had a back up plan and acquired the 39th Street Pier.  Here is a look into “The Cave Stage” and the production they are bringing to us!





So finally, I will provide you with the lineups for both days!

Friday –

Dubfire (Live Hybrid), Joseph Capriati, Luciano, No Regular Play (Live), Sonja Moonear, The Martinez Brothers, tINI, Connie, Lauren Ritter, Orazio Rispo, and Frank & Tony.

Saturday –

Anthony Parasole, Dixon, DJ Tennis, Josh Wink, Pan-Pot, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, and Taimur & Fahad.


Hope to see some of you there!  This is a groundbreaking event and huge for underground techno in the States!  I will be writing an article reviewing the show so any comments on your experience would be amazing!  Stay safe! Have fun & Lets rage!

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