Kill Frenzy- Taylr Swift (Album Review)


Kill Frenzy- Taylr Swft


Kill Frenzy, birth name Sébastien, is an exciting booty-house producer hailing from Belgium. This album, titled Taylr Swft, is his first full-length release on the famous Dirtybird label, and it absolutely does not disappoint. There are 11 total tracks on the album, including collaborations with Justin Jay and Christian Martin, respectively. I’m going to provide my thoughts on each track as I listen (again) through this stellar work.


  1. All Night Long

Leading off the album, this one is a real heater. To me, this exemplifies the Dirtybird sound, and as a listener, a first song like this draws me in, and solidifies that I’m not going anywhere. It’s easy to see that the biggest theme in Taylr Swft is sex. This track, for example, has the words “ride me all night long” being echoed repeatedly. This song gives off a dark, intimate club vibe and the instrumentals interact with the beat seamlessly. ****

  1. Gorilla

I had heard this track in multiple Claude VonStroke sets, including EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowworld, but never knew where to find it. You can imagine my excitement at finally finding the track here on Taylr Swft. Kill Frenzy takes the very recognizable theme from the movie Godzilla and flips it into a hard, Dirtybird-esque banger. If you only listen to one song off this album, pick this one. *****

  1. No Panties

            This track had previously been released as a single, but that does not make me like it any less. It’s a really funky song, utilizing a combination of 808 claps, repetitive vocals and the statement “no panties, no panties” to create an amazing track. Kill Frenzy has an incredibly unique style, and this song is a great example. The drop hits hard, but retains its quirkiness, and can only be classified by the genre that is booty house, and the label that is Dirtybird. ****

  1. Inflation

This song was not my favorite at first, but it has grown on me. A little different than other tracks on the album, Inflation has a much darker, more techno feel to it. It’s a welcome change of pace on the album, and executed flawlessly. A combination of flying hi-hats and percussive elements interact, creating the image of an chaotic street, with people moving every which way. Overall this is a cool take on techno done Dirtybird style. ****

  1. XVI

            I would say this is my least favorite track on the album. There are parts of it that I enjoy, and even more aspects of it that I can definitely appreciate, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. A combination of whizzing sounds mesh, quite seamlessly, with loud claps and what sounds like a spaceship or motherboard, making all kinds of robot-like noises. Again, it’s not for me, but still a really well-produced, unique track. **


  1. XXX (feat. Astrid)

            This is the closest thing this album has to a “slow jam,” and it is really good. The soft, sultry vocals of Astrid continually whisper various sexual sayings, while a real sexy, groovy beat takes over the background. The drop is a thing of beauty, with a really cool, pulsating bass taking control, bringing that unmistakable Dirtybird sound. ****         


  1. Alarms

            This track wasn’t my favorite, but I find myself liking it more and more with every listen. It definitely has that signature Kill Frenzy feel, working in heavily modified 808 claps, with bells and, you guessed it, alarms, to create a really cohesive track. I can envision dropping this pretty late into the night, once the rabbit whole has already been entered. ***

  1. Lava (with Justin Jay)

            I’m a big Justin Jay fan, and I am also a big fan of volcanoes, so when I saw this track made with Justin Jay, titled ‘Lava,’ I was very excited. It’s a real solid track, but unfortunately not the club-killer that I was hoping for. It’s more of a melodic journey, imagine lava slowly oozing, meandering slowly but rhythmically down the side of a volcano. A rolling bassline carries this track, with a whirring, almost alarm-like sound in the background. Overall it’s a really cool track, and an interesting byproduct of an awesome collaboration. ***

  1. Bondi (with Christian Martin)

            This is a collaboration with another well-known Dirtybird regular, Christian Martin, who recently started to release music under the alias Leroy Peppers. Bondi is a very famous beach in Australia, and that is exactly what this song makes me think of. The track combines a nice sliding, bouncy bass with arcade-like synths and reverberated claps, to provide a really smooth but, as always, funky overall production. ****

      10. Kontrol

            This is a slower track, coming in at 116 bpm, but it still hits incredibly hard. It’s a sexy combination of 808 claps, furiously fast hi-hats, and a Middle Eastern sounding string instrument that make this song so good. Kill Frenzy is a beat master, and this song makes me imagine him in the studio, jamming on a Launchpad or a Maschine, creating the fire song that is Kontrol. ****

      11. So Fine

            The final track on the album, this might actually be my favorite of them all. The song starts with a bouncy, quirky, drum-laden intro, eventually working into a really fire, bass-heavy drop. This drop is mixed with perfect vocals, reminding us, the listener, to “hit it from the back.” Overall, this track has a really awesome vibe, giving off a chill but groovy atmosphere, while keeping true to the funky, unique nature that the Dirtybird name implies. On repeat for days! *****

Overall Score- 42/55

Average- 3.8 Stars


This album is superb, and I am thoroughly convinced that Kill Frenzy is an excellent producer. Everything about Taylr Swft screams Dirtybird to me. Its unique, its playful, its sexy, its everything that I had hoped it would be. It’s Kill Frenzy’s Taylr Swft, and its not to be missed!




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