Seth Troxler: An Intergalactic Explorer


Seth Troxler! In my opinion, one of the most unique, and talented, DJs in the game right now. Seth grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but around the age of 14 moved to the outskirts of Detroit with his father. The house music scene in Detroit, around the turn of the century, was thriving, and Seth was easily able to immerse himself. He started throwing his own parties, working at a record store, and eventually found himself being invited to shows all in Europe. Seth knew Berlin was the place to be, so he moved there after finishing college in the USA.

Everyone knows Seth is very outspoken, never hesitating to speak his mind. You can bet than any interview with him will provide interesting footage, to say the least. I wanted to share three great youtube videos featuring this superstar DJ. The first is Seth at Winter Music Conference in March of 2010, in Miami. He’s clearly having a great time, talking about intergalactic love and the abundance of bats in Miami.

The 2nd video just came out a few days ago, and was posted on youtube by Resident Advisor. Part of their ‘Between The Beats’ series, the 20 minute long mini-documentary follows Seth as he plays three shows over the course of a weekend, including a set at Tomorrowland in Belgium. It’s a really awesome documentary and provides an interesting, first hand look at what life is like for Seth Troxler.

The third video follows Seth around NYC, with him touching on a number of cool subjects.  There are endless videos of Seth behind the decks, but I find it awesome to be able to watch interviews such as these, really getting a good feel for who the artist is as a person. Enjoy, and catch Seth Troxler at a venue near you soon.





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