Plastikman Almost all electronic music fans are familiar with techno-legend Richie Hawtin. What most of the younger electronic music fans might not know is how Richie got his start.

Year: 1992. City: Detroit. A 22 year old Richie Hawtin spends his time traveling between his home in Canada and the industrial city of Detroit.  This is the birthplace of techno, a city steeped in electronic music history. As the story goes, Richie and friends were at a party that got shut down early by the police. However, they had all taken LSD, more commonly known as acid, and needed a place to go. Settling at a friends house, Richie found himself seemingly stuck to the floor, looking up and watching his friends dance as if they were made of plastic. And from that moment, Plastikman was born! One of the most iconic names to come out of Detroit from the early 90’s, Plastikman tracks spread across Detroit, and then Europe, at an explosive rate, bringing Richie Hawtin his first taste of international, electronic music success.

Below is an amazing video released by Richie, highlighting one of his recent, incredibly rare Plastikman performances, this time from Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

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